Why strength training?†


It wasnít too long ago that athletes thought that strength training would make them muscle

bound and less athletic. That is a myth and with the proper training you will evolve as an

athlete. It is now known that strength builds the foundation for all athletic qualities including

relative body strength, which is the most important for athletes. Your strength in relation to

your own body weight is the cornerstone for agility, quickness, speed, and jumping ability. The

stronger you are in relation to your body weight, the more you will outperform your weaker


At any level, if you have two evenly skilled/talented soccer players, the one who is stronger will

always outperform the weaker. What does that mean for you? If youíre soccer player that

wants to dominate the game then you need to get stronger.†

Another great benefit of strength training for the soccer player is injury prevention. I donít care

how good of a soccer player you are. You canít do much for your team if youíre injured.

Athletes who strength trains have fewer injuries, and if they get injured, they usually recover

quickly. The reasoning behind this is that strength training strengthens muscle attachments,

tendons, and ligaments and increases bone density.†

As a soccer player, you need to be strong and powerful. If you are, you will be explosive and

have a quick, powerful step. You also need upper body strength and power. Upper body

strength may not seem important at first glance, but soccer is a very physical sport. There are

times when you have† to hold your own with the upper body against an opponent as you fight over the ball. Upper body strength and power also come into play with throw-ins as well.†

If youíre weak, you will get overpowered every time.

The summer will be vital in building strength, speed, agility and performance. This is a 10 week

program that will kick off on June 2nd† so donít hesitate to book your spot and take that first step to dominating the game and sign up for the 2013 Summer Strength Training Camp.












Chris O'Donnell


George Archuleta